Dear Ms Watson

I write in support of the letter from my mother Marina Kun, regarding the politicisation of the Yo-Yo Ma concert at the National Arts Centre on 3rd October.

Last week, I was in touch with the Canadian High Commission in London, where I live and work, to find out whether any support was available for a classical music project my company is undertaking. I was advised that one of Mr Harper’s first acts as Canadian Prime Minister in 2006 was to cut every penny of funding for cultural diplomacy at Canadian embassies and high commissions around the world. You must surely be aware that no Liberal administration has ever undertaken this sort of philistine fiscal attack, so your attempt to create parity with other political parties is rather disingenuous.

Your decision to include Mr Harper in the Yo-Yo Ma concert was not merely inappropriately partisan, however. It creates the false impression that Mr Harper and his government support the arts in Canada. Their own policies make it abundantly clear that they do not, so it is puzzling that you have chosen to embark on this deliberate whitewash at the behest of Mr Harper’s wife.


Juliana Farha