Thanks to Glenn Greenwald’s careful documentation, I see Obama’s climb-down on every point of principle that got him elected continues unabated. The latest on what’s turned out to be a laughably flimsy list is what to do about Guantanamo. Seems the naive folks who dreamed up due process didn’t know about real criminals – you know, the kind you can’t prosecute because it’s ‘too difficult’. And let’s face it: you needn’t look too far to see where the trouble starts. First, there’s all that darned evidence to gather which could take decades, if you want to do it right. And then some urban intellectual judge, who’s probably a socialist and an atheist to boot, might object to confessions obtained by waterboarding and similar techniques of persuasion. If they had their way, we’d be persuading terrorists to confess by offering them cold lemonade and putting them on Oprah, right?

But Glenn says it better than me. Click here to read more.