The election isn’t even official yet and although I only had a quick look at the news this morning, I’m already convinced that the first election icon-in-waiting is the kitchen mug. First, we saw Sky reporters following David Cameron on his run and were then told that when he got home he made tea and brought it out to journalists. Cut to the Camerons at home, with Samantha Cameron leaning on the back of a sofa behind Dave, clutching a mug. Not a glass of water. Not a piece of toast. A mug, presumably filled with tea with milk, the quintessential British drink. Definitely,  not coffee – far too continental.

Mugs and politics go way back. Think the Tonies: Benn and Blair. The former with his tin mug, the latter artfully displaying his childrens’, er, mugs on his mug.

Why a mug? Because a mug tells us its holder is relaxed, at home, urban without being off-puttingly sophisticated. It signals equality in a relationship. None of the fusty daintiness of a cup and saucer, with its old-world connotations. A glass of water is far too ascetic. Juice is a can of worms (what kind of juice, exactly?)

Nope, it’s got to be a mug.