Dear Sir

I was utterly shocked to read in The Guardian your claim that the Palestinians bear ‘principal responsibility’ for attacks on Gaza that have killed more than 120 people, including many children.
Given your position, you are undoubtedly aware of the precise series of events that led to these latest Israeli attacks, which include the killing of a mentally disabled 13 year-old Palestinian. I am baffled by the Israeli claim to self-defence against any response to its brutal occupation of Gaza and the West Bank. The fact that you would help perpetuate this warped perspective and stand by while Palestinian women and children are wiped out like fish in a barrel is shameful.
I am naive enough to have hoped that the United Kingdom would show moral and political leadership on this issue, especially given David Cameron’s own description of Gaza as an ‘open air prison’. Instead, your policy appears to have been drafted in Washington where political fortunes hinge on one’s courtship of the pro-Israel lobby.
Juliana Farha