I sent this to my MP; you should send it to yours

Dear Sir

I write to express my alarm at the government’s proposed Justice and Security Bill, and to urge you to vote against it.

Given the Draconian nature of this putative ‘security’ bill, the government should have shown unequivocally that its proposed radical departure from common law traditions is justified by an imminent, material and significant threat. Instead, the coalition is attempting to shove down our throats a bill that reflects the values and practices of tin pot dictatorships with an indifference to its implications that is chilling.

Anxiety about terrorism has already been exploited by both the coalition and the previous Labour government to transform the UK into a surveillance society on an unprecedented scale. Please do not assist the government in exacerbating the dire state of civil liberties in this country by allowing this rancid legislation to come into law.


Juliana Farha