Dear Sirs,

I am outraged at the position your government has taken on the ongoing crisis in Gaza.

It is difficult to imagine how one suppresses one’s conscience while witnessing 1.6 million people living in conditions Prime Minister David Cameron described as an ‘open air prison’ as the world’s fourth largest military rains its weaponry upon their heads, and says absolutely nothing. I’m also curious to know how one buttons one’s lip when Israel deliberately targets a UN school killing children seeking refuge, along with aid workers, and then releases a faked video trying to blame the massacre on the other side?

Although the mechanics of your tactical indifference are lost on me, be assured that the inhumanity of your silence is crystal clear.

Sorry, scrap that: I did read that Mr Hammond ‘rejected’ the UN Human Rights Council’s comments about possible Israeli war crimes, so you have in fact seen fit to speak out about something. Unfortunately the article in question did not provide details about Mr Hammond’s background in international human rights law or his expertise in the forensic analysis required, nor indeed how he arrived at such a broad conclusion with such dizzying speed. I guess we will have to take his word for it.

I understand that the UK subsequently abstained on a UN resolution to investigate Israel for war crimes. Not even an investigation, presumably lest the truth proves embarrassing and inconvenient. After all, for close to a month your government has been defending the very acts under scrutiny, just as it did in 2010 when Israel attacked an aid flotilla, and 2012 when it deliberately killed a mentally disabled 13 year-old, prompting rocket fire from Hamas. In each of these instances you have unequivocally blamed the Palestinians and parroted the by now ludicrous Israeli claim to be acting in ‘self defence.’

Israel behaves as it does because it can. It brazenly proclaims its contempt for the value of Arab lives, and relies on a racist bias and ignorance of history abroad to ensure no one will intervene on the Arabs’ behalf. Meantime, no one dares criticise Israel for fear of being labelled an anti-Semite and losing campaign contributions.

But let’s be clear about the consequences of your cowardice: you are providing moral and political cover for a systematic campaign of terror against a virtually unarmed civilian population living in a ghetto. Now tell me, how does that feel? Still nothing? Hmmm.


Juliana Farha