Here is the letter I sent to the BBC in response to their surreal reply to my complaint about the blatantly pro-Israel bias in their Gaza interviews. (Sorry that’s convoluted but it’s become convoluted.) I await their reply out of curiosity more than anything. I’ve listened to Radio 4’s Feedback’ programme at least a dozen times and I can’t recall a single instance on any topic in which the BBC have admitted that a listener might have a point. The stakes are especially high here, so I’m sure the hatches were firmly battened down some time ago.

A note: since the IDF’s genocidal campaign continues unabated, civilian death figures are never accurate for more than a few minutes. And of course, they began a renewed and even more vicious assault yesterday. Among other atrocities, as I was putting my kids to bed yesterday they flattened a 15-storey block of flats in a split second. The BBC didn’t report that. Oh, and two days ago an Israeli child was killed. It was on the cover of The Guardian.

This regards the reply to my complaint of 19/08 regarding pro-Israel bias in your coverage of the Gaza conflict.

My letter detailed numerous instances of one-sided coverage by the BBC, in which your interviewers effectively act as spokespeople for the the Israeli government. Today’s bizarre reply confirmed every aspect of my allegation of bias.

Specifically, it highlights the BBC’s focus on:

1. The effect on Israeli communities of Hamas rockets (FACT 3 Israeli civilians dead, 2071 Palestinians dead)

2. The size of the Hamas arsenal (FACT Israel has the 4th largest military in the world; Hamas are firing homemade rockets at the ‘Iron Dome’)

3. Efforts by the Israeli army to safeguard Palestinian civilians (FACT the IDF tells them to leave when they have nowhere to go; FACT the IDF have bombed 6 UNRWA schools and been condemned internationally for it ), and

4. Hamas hostility to Israel (FACT: Gazans have been living under Israeli blockade for 8 years. The right to resist occupation is enshrined in international law.)

I would add that about two weeks ago another listener posted on Twitter a reply he received in response to a complaint that was similar to mine. Other than the updated introduction it was identical to the one I received.

Now that you have admitted your bias, kindly advise what you intend to do about it? I ask as someone who helps pay your bills. And be assured that I will pursue this until I receive an appropriate reply.

Juliana Farha