Some of you will have read my letter to The Guardian‘s Reader’s Editor, Chris Elliott, which I posted here a few weeks ago, about the newspaper’s decision to publish an ‘advertisement’ in which Elie Wiesel accuses Hamas of ‘child sacrifice.’

Yesterday, Counterpunch published a reply to that piece by Sara Roy, a senior research scholar at Harvard and the daughter of Holocaust survivors who has spent time in Gaza. Of course, the people who ought to see this stuff never do, but I think Roy’s comments will resonate amongst those of us who were unable to avert our eyes from more than 50 days of carnage in Gaza. Personally, I have been almost as shocked by the people who defend it, by the celebratory dancing it provoked in the streets of Tel Aviv, and by the denunciation of those who deplore these acts of terror against a civilian population living under a seven-year blockade as ‘anti-Semites’.

Ms Roy’s reply is powerful and horrifying and well worth reading. Thanks to my sister Soraya for bringing it to my attention.

For copyright reasons, of course, I can’t reproduce Ms Roy’s piece here so I will offer a short excerpt:

“[In Gaza] I have seen many terrible things and I must confess I try not to remember them because of the agony they continue to inflict. I have seen Israeli soldiers shoot into crowds of young children who were doing nothing more than taunting them, some with stones, some with just words. I have witnessed too many horrors, more than I want to describe. But I must tell you that the worst things I have seen, those memories that continue to haunt me, insisting never to be forgotten, are not acts of violence but acts of dehumanisation.”

Here is a link to the piece.