This piece echoes many feelings I’ve had over the past few weeks, along with the profound sense of anger and despair that underpin them.

Mariam’s central point that ‘Gaza’ is not the Palestinian cause relates to the question of narrative which often occupies my own thoughts. It also highlights what stooges we become engaging in pointless debates about Hamas’s political philosophy, as though the land theft and displacement of more than 700,000 Palestinians in 1948 and the ensuing apartheid system of checkpoints, arrests, house demolitions and relentless spin undertaken by Israel in order to contain the uncontainable has anything to do with Hamas, the PA, Egypt’s Sisi or any other faction for that matter.

Coincidentally, while I’ve mostly stopped reading the newspaper I picked up yesterday’s Observer and carefully went through the front section looking for news of the escalating conflict in Israel and Palestine. I found precisely nothing of the collective punishment of Arab Israelis and Palestinians in response to the killing of five people in a synagogue three weeks ago. There was zilch about the plan to ban the Palestinian flag. Not a word about the arson attack on a Jewish-Arab school. Nought about the proposed ‘nation state’ bill that declares Israel a democracy for Jews only, nor about the current tally of 27,000 Palestinian homes in East Jerusalem that have been destroyed by Israel since it was annexed in 1967. Just silence, the better to hear the sound of Palestinian rocket fire that’s sure to ’cause’ the next Gaza siege and justify the brutal Israeli siege, whilst reminding its ‘supporters’ that Palestine continued to exist after they stopped looking.

مدوّنة مريم

As you walk in the streets of Ramallah, with its aesthetically appealing buildings and the chaos of shoppers and street vendors the silence here is deafening.

We continue to protract this bubble deeper into the echelons of denial and complacency. The ululations in the summer for Gaza, and the metamorphosis into a population of cheerleaders continues to etch its indentation. We offered blistered tongues and Gaza offered its soul.

We echoed and chanted, Ramallah and the international community went out holding “vigils” for Gaza. It held a few flags as the bombs fell left and right. We placed the cause on the rooftops of buildings and now they lay flat. Gaza continues to suffer the consequences of this summer and our muffled disgruntle. The ululations and speeches ceased the moment Gaza didn’t fit our embellished aesthetic of resistance in the form of armed fighters and burnt buildings.

Gaza 2014 (photo via Activestills) Gaza 2014 (photo…

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