Here are the Respect MP George Galloway’s thoughts following the obscene ambush to which he was subjected last week on BBC’s Question Time, by both the producers of the show and the Guardian’s executive editor Jonathan Freedland who Galloway describes below as the ‘chief prosecutor in the show trial.’

Anyone who professes to value free speech and the parliamentary system will have to acknowledge that Galloway is systematically treated with a hostility and contempt that would be deemed completely unacceptable if they were directed at any other elected representative in our system. Just as importantly, Galloway’s observations expose the lies and distortions required to prop up the prevailing narrative on Israel-Palestine, and with them the fraught question of whose oppression we are permitted to see.

Of course I’m one of many critics of both The Guardian</, especially following its publication of Elie Wiesel’s hate mongering ‘letter’ during the Gaza siege, and the BBC who have a longstanding policy of distortion and dishonesty on Israel-Palestine.

Red Molucca

In the wake of last week’s BBC Question Time and subsequent events I wanted to make some observations. They are not in order of importance indeed to an extent the reverse.
I feel very let down by David Dimbleby. I have known him a long time, have always respected him and I didn’t expect the serial failures of which he was clearly guilty.
Again in no order of importance; his gratuitously insulting comment “when you turn up” was not just fatuous (he knows well that I am in parliament every day for much of my last 27 years) but was the only jibe at any of the panelists last night. Why? To insult just one of five panelists – me – in the highly charged atmosphere of the Finchley studio was questionable judgement to say the least.
Mr Dimbleby told me immediately after the show that the final question posed…

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