You probably know by now that two Israeli settlers were killed last Friday in a drive-by shooting near Nablus, as it’s been diligently covered in the mainstream media. The shooters were executed straight away, and Netanyahu has announced that their family homes will be destroyed, too.

Since then, some in the MSM are dutifully admitting that ‘clashes’ have broken out in the Occupied Palestinian Territories, and while I’m reluctant to join them in treating the murder of these settlers as the ‘beginning’ of something, thereby erasing months of Israeli aggression at Al Aqsa which has been overrun almost daily by soldiers accompanying right wing settlers, the deaths of three members of the Dawabshe family at the hands of rabid Israeli settlers, the execution of 18 year-old Hadeel al-Hashlamon at a West Bank checkpoint, and dozens more recent incidents, a few events over the past few days deserve a special mention.

Here’s what the BBC, The Guardian, The Times, The Telegraph, The New York Times, The Globe and Mail, CNN, and Sky News probably haven’t told you over the past few days. (There has been some coverage on RT, but that’s because Vladimir Putin, aka Dr Nyet, is an evil mastermind seeking world domination. And Al-Jazeera, but that’s because it’s a PR outfit for Hamas. Or so I’m told.)

1. Last night, a youth was shot in the chest by IOF forces in clashes in occupied East Jerusalem. He is in critical condition, and dozens of other Palestinians were wounded.

2. A deaf mute fourteen year-old, Hasan Daoud Rajabi, was assaulted and then arrested after occupation soldiers stormed and ransacked his family home in Hebron. Here’s one to try at home: put some duct tape over your mouth, plug your ears and then close your eyes and imagine heavily armed soldiers beating the shit out of you.

3. The IDF raided and ransacked the Hebron home of Mohammad al-Jaabari in search of his three year-old toddler who they accused of throwing stones. Here’s a photo of the ‘little snake’, to quote the genocidal Israeli ‘Justice’ Minister, Ayelet Shaked:

al-Jaabari rev

4. Palestinians were barred from entering East Jerusalem’s Old City, while more than 100 right wing Israelis toured the compound, accompanied by soldiers.

5. Nineteen year-old Fadi Alloun was shot dead by Israeli police while a braying mob shouted ‘shoot him, kill him!’. Police claim Alloun was shot while trying to stab someone. Haaretz report that gangs of settlers had been roving the streets of Jerusalem looking for Palestinians to assault.

In the video below, Alloun is seen backing and then running away whilst calling out ‘let me pass’ before being shot seven times. Afterwards a spectator is heard shouting ‘kill the Arabs’. Hours later Alloun’s family home was invaded and three male relatives were arrested.

6. Eighteen year-old Huthaya Suleiman died in hospital yesterday morning after being shot by Israeli forces.

7. Twelve year-old Abed al-Rahman Shadi Obeidallah was killed by the IOF yesterday in Aida refugee camp. Eyewitnesses say he was sitting outside the refugee camp services office when he was shot. During demonstrations immediately following the boy’s death, IOF fired tear gas canisters, rubber-coated steel bullets and live ammunition at protesters, injuring four more Palestinians.

8. Six year-old Yousef Bayan al-Tabib was shot in the stomach by an Israeli settler as he stood on the side of the road. The settler fled the scene.

9. The Palestine Red Crescent Society has declared a level 3 state of emergency after its ambulances were attacked by Israeli settlers and the IDF 14 times in three days.

10. In a practice widely denounced as a form of collective punishment, Israel has begun demolishing homes of the families of Palestinians involved in other attacks against Israelis this year. The attackers themselves have all been killed. This is part of Netanyahu’s ‘harsh’ response to the violence borne of Israel’s previous harsh action. And the one before that. And the one before that. (Note: this one’s from The Guardian.)

11. And here’s a chaser from David Sheen:


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