Thanks to (tireless) Ben White for bringing to my attention the letter excerpted below (I couldn’t find a reblog option so I’m including a link to the full text). You certainly won’t read it in the British newspapers, or hear about it on the BBC. Hats off to the brave souls who signed it, and affirmed the observations I made here a couple of weeks ago about the tradition of Jewish dissent.

“This letter is from active British Jews to the organisations that purport to speak on our behalf…

Now is the time for people across the world to stand together in unity, and call for peace in the region, condemning all violence as counter-productive, evil and a chilul hashem (a desecration of the name of the Eternal One). To take what are presented as uniquely Jewish troubles and lay them at the door of the Palestinian Mission in London creates a wholly unnecessary ‘Us vs Them’ narrative, which cannot possibly foster the good relations necessary for peace.

When Jewish organisations, who claim to represent the voice of British Jewry, say only that “#IsraeliLivesMatter”, it shames us as people who care about the lives of everyone in the region. When Jewish organisations use the loss of human life to pursue a political agenda, they tarnish our reputation as an ethical people. Our texts tell us that any loss of life is like the end of a world. Death, then, is not the basis for a campaign: especially a campaign which appropriates and offensively belittles the #BlackLivesMatter slogan on which it is (ironically) based.”

Read the full text here.