Although Benjamin Netanyahu’s claim to the World Zionist Congress that the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem instructed Hitler to eliminate the Jews earned derision in most Western quarters, his remarks have gained purchase within Israel itself. This piece deconstructing Bibi’s Mufti lunacy is from Max Blumenthal, incisive as ever. The full article on Alternet is linked below, but here’s an excerpt:

Over the course of his career, Netanyahu’s seemingly outlandish behavior has always been animated by a cynical logic. By projecting the phantasms of the Holocaust onto the stark tableau of the Arab Muslim world, he has expertly exploited the psychological vulnerabilities of Jewish Israelis. His perseverance is perhaps the best validation of the phenomenon known as Terror Management Theory, in which average people turn to militaristic and authoritarian political leadership to cope with frightening encounters with mortality.

Full text here: Painting Palestinians as Nazis, Netanyahu Incites a Wave of Vigilante Violence @alternet