Update: 17/11/15, 22:02

As if to underscore Gideon Levy’s blistering remarks about Israel’s treatment of Palestinian children which I mention below, I was about to close my computer and head to bed this evening when I spotted a couple of news items on today’s child arrests by Israel’s occupation forces.

First there’s this piece from the International Middle East Media Centre (IMEMC) about IOF arrests of 10 children today after soldiers stormed a school in the Silwan neighbourhood of East Jerusalem. Two of the kids are 9 years-old. Here’s a screenshot:

IMEMC_kids arrested copy

Then I saw this article from the Ma’an News Agency reporting that the IOF detained a six year-old by in Bethlehem for questioning after shooting tear gas into a children’s playground.

While Bibi angles to make hay over last week’s Paris attacks, Israel continues widening its criminal legislation to ensnare ever younger Palestinians. In fact, The Electronic Intifada reports that it’s had to open a new prison exclusively for the incarceration of Palestinian children who are transferred there from the West Bank to Israel proper in violation of the Fourth Geneva Convention, before being shackled and strip searched.

You might have seen the video a few weeks ago of Ahmed Manasra, a bloodied Palestinian boy, lying on the ground while a Israeli onlooker screams, ‘Die, son of a bitch, die.’ Manasra didn’t die, and was instead subjected to this interrogation in which the boy is bullied and shrieked at.  It was leaked to the Palestinian media.


As ever, the Haaretz columnist Gideon Levy hits hard on the ‘moral decline’ evidenced by how Israel treats kids. Here’s a snippet:

The treatment of children is an excellent litmus test for the moral fiber of a society. A sane society wouldn’t dare call them “terrorists”, wouldn’t dream of reducing the age of criminal responsibility and above all — instead of shooting them and interrogating them as if they were criminals, would try to treat the roots of their motivation. These are children, but to Israeli eyes they are non-children. “Murder in his eyes,” screamed yesterday’s headlines, talking about an 11-year-old.

Here’s the rest, though it might be hiding behind a paywall.