A must-read from Tory columnist and Cameron voter Peter Oborne, especially appreciated by ‘terrorist sympathisers’ like me. Mr Cameron has refused to apologise for the comments.

I’d urge you to read the whole thing, but here’s an excerpt:

War is specially serious, as it always involves loss of life and causes such suffering. This does not mean that we should never fight a war, but it makes it outrageous when war is used for partisan political advantage.

David Cameron and his fellow Tory strategists have been doing exactly that for more than a week. He has been using the argument on Syria to cause chaos in the Labour Party.

Mr Corbyn and his shadow cabinet have fallen into this trap. The bulk of the parliamentary Labour Party is now openly pro-war, while a small coterie around the leadership is against. David Cameron has succeeded in his plan, but in the process, he has done grave damage to British public life.

Read it all here: Cameron’s McCarthyite smear will not silence opponents of Syria bombing