Jamie Stern-Weiner

B. Michael:

For 50 years (at least), Israel has been experiencing the existence of occupation, a brutal, wicked, unrestrained existence. The number of people exposed to the abominations of occupation – through their eyes, hands, feet, weapons and children – is growing. Even the best-honed skills of denial, and all the media’s huffing and puffing, cannot hide the experiences of their lives from them. In their heart of hearts they know perfectly well what they are: abusive, exploitative, covetous, committing abominations with their very own hands, or accepting of such abominations, or at least financing them.

There is good reason that their foamiest rages are directed against those few nervy individuals who insist on telling them the truth about their being.

Voters, who are at the end of the day just human beings, need their consciousness to be escapist. Comforting. They need a leader, a stand-in parent, a super-ego…

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