It’s a gloomy day where I am: a stubborn grey sky glowers while thick snow flurries periodically make driving impossible, and the air is saturated with a damp cold whose only antidote is a roaring fire. Still, I’m certain my mood reflects my own gloomy despair and gnawing anxiety as Executive Orders worthy of any cartoonish Caudillo pile up on President Trump’s desk, and embarrassed bewilderment as the UK Prime Minister heads to Washington to rekindle the country’s ‘special relationship’ with the US which saw its heyday under Mrs Thatcher and Ronald Reagan.

You might be wondering, as I am, what common values would underpin the global leadership to which Mrs May aspires to elevate herself and the former TV star turned tin pot dictator. To that end, I invite readers of my blog to contact their MPs with some specific queries about the values and related policies we’re told we share with Mr Trump.

I’m sure you can design your own questionnaire, but I would suggest a standard list with boxes. Rather than MPs simply ticking them, however, you could ask them to rank these values by their importance to themselves and to the UK as a whole, with an additional box for free-form comments at the bottom.

Here is my list of the values and attitudes of which Mr Trump and his odious acolytes boast, but do add as you see fit.

☐ Institutionalised Islamophobia

☐ White supremacy

☐ Misogyny

☐ Support for torture

☐ Climate science denial

☐ Ethno-nationalist colonialism

Denial of healthcare

☐ Suppression of press freedom

☐ Inciting hatred

Building ‘immigration’ walls (an unfair question, I suppose, as we’re lucky enough to have our very own Channel whereby nature itself protects us from the hordes of criminals and rapists)

☐ Reckless military escalation

And in case you missed it, here’s a shot of the UK’s new BFF signing away women’s reproductive rights, surrounded by a cabal of white men. This isn’t the world I want for my daughter, and I’m confident most Britons would agree.