This appeared yesterday Vijay Prashad’s blog. The letter he refers to was published in The Guardian on December 12th, and the Palestinian ‘girl in the picture’ is here:

“A week ago or so, I signed a letter in response to Donald Trump’s abominable statement on Jerusalem. It was a note that was published in The Guardian and it was signed by about a hundred artists and writers…

The organizers of the letter published it on a website along with a picture by the remarkable photo-journalist Ahmad Gharabli of AFP. The picture is above. I recommend you look for Ahmad’s pictures. They are a fantastic montage of the Israeli occupation.

The girl in Ahmad’s picture saw the website, read the letter and then wrote this response,

To the wonderful artists who wrote a letter to the Guardian December 12 2017

I would like to thank you for your solidarity and support, clearly expressed in your letter to the Guardian entitled: Artists’ letter on Trump and Jerusalem, December 12 2017.

Your letter has been circulating widely here in the occupied Palestinian territory, including East Jerusalem. It reinforces our capacity to endure and resist all forms of occupation and oppression…”

Read more here

In other news, yesterday the IDF exonerated itself over the murder of an unarmed and legless Palestinian protestor who was shot in the head last Friday while waving a flag.

Meantime, its brave soldiers kidnapped 17 year-old Ahed Tamimi, after raiding her family home in the middle of the night. You might recall that when she was 16, Ahed made headlines when she fought off an Israeli soldier who was attempting to arrest her 12 year-old brother, whose arm was broken and in a cast. Clearly, they have had her in their sights ever since as this Haaretz headline makes clear: “Israeli Army Arrests Palestinian Teenage Girl Who Slapped Soldiers; ‘She Should Finish Her Life in Prison'”. Yet more evidence that there is no act of vengeance too petty or vindictive for the world’s ‘most moral army’ acting under political cover from our very own politicians.