Against a backdrop of aggressive Israeli settlement expansion and the expulsion of Palestinians from their homes, yesterday evening I slipped into a deep, jet lagged sleep to the news that the Knesset has voted to support the death penalty for so called ‘terrorists’, and has decided to annex parts of the West Bank outright. I also spotted this tweet:

This morning, it was this:

And this:

And in the post, I received the quarterly report from Christian Peacemaker Teams, an organisation I support which accompanies Palestinian children to school, often past bullying settlers and Israeli occupation forces lobbing tear gas at them. Its report reads in part:

Over the next two hours twelve more [boys] would be added to [the four already detained and handcuffed]: ten children and two young adults. Eventually they would all be shoved into the small metal cage at the end of the checkpoint, most of them forced to sit on the ground while soldiers kicked and laughed at them. They would be taken, without a parent or guardian present, to the police station for several hours, where they would be interrogated, beaten, threatened by soldiers and settlers, and eventually released.’

You might recall that this is the behaviour the former England footballer Gary Lineker called ‘sickening’ only to be rounded upon by pro Israel trolls. In retrospect, though, his treatment was gentle compared with the vile attacks on the singer Lorde who last month cancelled her upcoming Tel Aviv concert, in solidarity with Palestinians. For her support of the Fourth Geneva Convention, the Kiwi pop star was smeared as a ‘bigot.’

In short, it remains open season on Palestinian protestors and their rights, thanks to Donald Trump, a rampaging, entitled and heavily armed colonialist project calling itself democracy while behaving like apartheid, and the wilfully blind, deaf and dumb EU and Arab ‘leadership’ whose guaranteed silence provides moral cover for these obscenities. For Palestine, 2018 isn’t looking so good.