Juliana Farha is a Canadian-born Londoner with a Lebanese heritage and a liberal feminist outlook. While her politics are decidedly progressive she dislikes orthodoxies, groups, clubs and committees.

Juliana writes about questions that seize her imagination, insult her sense of fairness, and open her eyes to beauty. Her work includes commentary on issues from education policy and cancer treatment to the Arab spring and the state of contemporary feminism, alongside memoir and even some poetry.

Juliana’s recent writing on Israel-Palestine has been published on Guernica, Mondoweiss, openDemocracy and The Electronic Intifada.

Steeped in the arts and a journalist by training, Juliana has two kids, a cat and a husband. Her cat’s name is Punky.


8 Responses to “About Juliana”

  1. Juliana, Thanks for following my blog.


  2. theblackace Says:

    Hello! I really enjoy the topics that you post on, so I nominated you for the Liebster award. Here’s the link for more details: http://heropinionatedblog.wordpress.com/2014/05/01/thanks-for-the-liebster-award/

    -The Ace


    1. julianafarha Says:

      you’re so kind, thanks so much. i’d heard of the award but didn’t know much about it so now i’m learning. it’s so complicated, there seem to be different rules and it’s making me feel rather dense! but i’ll crack it…


      1. theblackace Says:

        Haha I felt like that at first too. All the rules and instructions are in the link.


      2. theblackace Says:

        I’m a newbie myself, so I really get that. Anyway I think there’s not set way to do things- it’s just all up to you. I mean, I even drew a new logo for the award cause I thought the ‘official’ one was boring 🙂


  3. You have a very interesting background.

    Mine may not be so interesting in your eyes, but please take a look around my blog if you have time. I would love to become a full time writer, but I feel that the income that I could gain at my lowly level would never replace that which I earn in the world of IT. That is very sad.

    If you look at my Titbits page, you will discover my mother, June, who was a concert pianist, actress and model. My first step-mother was the founding headmistress of the first integrated school in Northern Ireland, Lagan College. There are more than fifty now, and I truly believe that this approach is one of the biggest keys to resolving conflict throughout the world. Children grow up with no concept of prejudice and they celebrate similarities in cultures rather than form hate cancers around the small differences.

    Gosh! I didn’t mean to rant. I do apologize. Reading your posts have aroused my deepest, most heartfelt passions. So that is good writing, and I can see that you share the same depth of passion on these issues.

    I will follow your blog with great interest.


  4. I look forward very much to receiving your Two Words. I am sincerely impressed by what I have read so far, and admire your thoughtful and kind outlook. The late Roald Dahl said he thought kindness the most important thing, and at my age, 78, I agree with him. If only more people would forget their hang-ups and get on with living considerately and -dare I wish it ? – joyfully !


    1. julianafarha Says:

      Thanks for your very kind(!) words, David, and I agree with you about kindness, especially now. Many years ago my sister gave me a guided meditation called The Force of Kindness which makes precisely that point. But frankly, I’m stuck with this outlook – try as I might to dehumanise my thinking or fortify myself against ugliness, it never seems to work so kindness is a kind of retreat, too.


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